Birthmothers’ Stories

Birthmothers describe their experience with Adoption Link

“As a single mother, facing an unplanned pregnancy, most of the time I felt alone. When I contacted Adoption Link, all of that changed. The social worker from Adoption Link cared about me as well as helped me make a decision regarding my unborn child. Adoption Link has been available to me whenever I needed help. My adoption plan could not have been better, my son is with a family that loves and cares about him. They have left the doors open so that I can have contact with him. Thanks, Adoption Link!”
-Dana, age 25

“I was lucky to have found Adoption Link. The social worker responded to me immediately and together we looked through the family profiles and found a wonderful family. I have a greater peace of mind knowing that my baby is safe and happy.”
-Lakina, age 18

“I was scared to mention adoption at the hospital, but I knew that I had to start the process. I chose to work with Adoption Link and the social worker came to see me right away. She stayed with me until all my questions were answered. I met the adoptive family that I chose and am thankful for them and for adoption. I feel good about my adoption decision.”
-Tina, age 21

“I didn’t tell anyone that I was pregnant. After I had my daughter, I left the hospital the next day. I was so glad that the social worker from Adoption Link had explained everything to me. I was able to get back to my life and not worry. I know my daughter is happy. I am so glad that I chose adoption for her. The support I got from Adoption Link was awesome.”
-Jessica, age 22

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