Meet Alyssa & Michael B.

Meet Alyssa & Michael B.

Dear Birthparent(s)

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us. We can only imagine how difficult this decision must be for you. You are selfless and courageous, and we appreciate that you are considering us as adoptive parents to your precious child.

We are Alyssa and Michael B., and we were brought together six years ago through a mutual friend. Before we met in person, though, we spent an entire year getting to know one another through phone conversations. We have now been happily married for almost three years.

At Disney World for our honeymoon.

More than anything, we enjoy spending time with family and friends. We take frequent trips to the zoo and to Kings Island and also enjoy just relaxing at home with our dog, Kona. Our hobbies include ballroom dancing, going to hockey games and making candles. We loved going to Disney World for our honeymoon and are looking forward to sharing this experience with our child. We are active members in our church, where we both volunteer, and we fully intend to raise our children in a Christian home.

We are united in our desire to grow our family through adoption.

About Michael. People describe Michael as loving, caring, hardworking, and always willing to help others. He’s a wonderful husband who cares deeply about friends and family. He loves playing with and caring for his two nieces, and they love spending time with their Uncle Mike. Michael is a rollercoaster enthusiast who also enjoys exploring zoos, aquariums, and museums — mostly because he gets to learn something new every visit.

About Alyssa. People describe Alyssa as loving and determined with a zest for life. She has always loved spending time with children and has longed to be a Mom. In fact, her career is all about caring for and encouraging children. She studied Early Childhood Education and is a preschool teacher who also volunteers in the preschool ministry at church. Alyssa adores her two nieces and spends time with them every chance she gets. When she becomes a mom, she plans to cut back her work hours to spend more time with her child.

Our dog Kona is very loving and adores being around his humans.

Our Home. We live in a three-bedroom home on a half-acre lot. We have spacious front and back yards where our children and pets can run and play. Our family-friendly neighborhood has nationally recognized Blue Ribbon schools, local parks and shopping.

Our Dog. Our dog Kona is a one-and-a-half-year-old Mini Goldendoodle. We call him our “bundle of fur,” because he’s very loving and adores being around all of his humans. He spends time with our mom and our two nieces while we are at work, so he is wonderful with children. We know he will be very sweet to our child.

On Family and Adoption. Family plays a huge role in our lives. All of our immediate family, as well as some extended family, lives nearby, which means there is a lot of love to go around. We both knew we wanted to grow our family through adoption even before we met. Because his older brother was adopted, Michael has always known deep in his heart the benefits of adoption. And, because she is unable to carry a pregnancy, Alyssa has always planned on adoption as the way to grow her family.

Our Promise to You. We can assure you we will give your child all the love, energy and attention we have. We are committed to raising our children in a home filled with the love of God and love for one another, a home where compassion is the norm. We look forward to getting to know you and creating the perfect level of openness for all involved. Your child will be loved unconditionally and cherished throughout his or her life. We pray for you and your child as you make this decision.

Alyssa and Michael B.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.