Meet Chrissy & Chad W.

Meet Chrissy & Chad

Dear Birthparents,

We are grateful you are taking the time to learn about our family, our love for each other, and our desire to share that unconditional love. We have consistently talked about and desired adoption for our family throughout our marriage and are so hopeful and excited to welcome another child into our family through adoption!

Chad is from Ohio and Chrissy is from Maryland and our paths crossed in college. We dated throughout college and shortly following graduation we married and settled in Ohio. After about four years we were blessed to welcome our son Charlie into the world, and then 22 months later we welcomed our daughter, Mari. Charlie is now 10 and Mari is 8. When we told them about our plans to adopt they were so so happy!

We enjoy our time together and make the most of each day. We encourage open communication and positive reinforcement, celebrate achievements, respect and love, and push each other to keep growing to reach our God-given potential.

Chrissy & Chad

Chad is a loving husband and dad, respected in our community as a leader with a passion for helping others. Things he loves doing with the kids are going on bike rides, eating ice cream, playing outside in the neighborhood, wii/xbox, skiing, attending sporting events, coaching baseball and basketball and family movie night.

Chrissy is an incredible friend and mother who gives selflessly to our family. She loves reading stories to the kids, taking them to the pool, doing crafts, playing sports, celebrating holidays and birthdays with them and many other activities. A few of her interests include exercising, enjoying music (she just joined a ukulele club!), hiking, kayaking, and baking. She balances gracefully home life and working part-time as a pediatric nurse.

Our two children, Charlie and Mari, are happy and full of energy and love. Both get excited to play with their cousins and friends, participate in sports and spontaneous dance parties, go to the zoo, festivals, and vacations. Charlie and Mari show respect for adults, work hard in school, and have strong self-esteem and caring hearts. They are a lot of fun to be with.

We love to ski.

Our home is nestled in a safe cul-de-sac neighborhood filled with family friendly neighbors and kids of all ages, including many newborns. We have enjoyed living in our house for over 10 years. We live near family, which enables us to get together often for family dinners, swimming at Chad’s parents’ pool, or celebrating special occasions. All the cousins have so much fun together! Along with our family we are blessed to have a loving community of neighbors, church and school friends, coworkers, childhood friends, and friends from our college years. We are confident that when we welcome our child of any race or gender into our lives our community will be just as excited to welcome the child into their lives.

We look forward to celebrating holidays and our vacations! Christmas, Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Birthdays, and Easter are just a few of our favorites. From going to parades to decorating eggs and Christmas trees it is guaranteed fun! A few of our favorite vacations have been to Maine (fresh lobster and great kayaking), California (beaches and Legoland), Michigan (swimming and boating), and Washington, D.C. (history and adventure).

We are people of faith and believe God has a plan for everyone and that He is guiding us and all involved in this journey. We admire you for the time and care you are taking for your child. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of who we are! Ultimately, what we want to impart to you and share with you is our love of God, love of family, love of life, and our readiness to spread that love!

Thank you so much for learning more about us!
Chrissy & Chad W.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.