Meet Erik & Stephanie S.

Meet Erik & Stephanie S.

Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for considering us as you make an adoption plan for your child. It is a difficult decision, but one we hope you can make in confidence that your child will be loved and supported. We respect and admire your decision as we move towards building a family of our own.

We are Erik and Stephanie S. We live in Tipp City, Ohio, a small city 20 minutes north of Dayton. We are both music teachers in the same school district. In fact, we met on our very first day of work together in the fall of 2007. Our students knew that we were dating before we did!

We were married in 2011 and tried to start a family right away. We discussed adoption, but decided to have a biological child first. After the loss of our pregnancy, and many unsuccessful fertility treatments, we decided it was time to pursue adoption. It is this journey that has brought us to you. It is our hope that, in us, you can find a loving family and home for your child; a family who will keep your child safe, happy, and love them unconditionally. We want to teach our child about love and acceptance. We will nurture our child by supporting them as they grow, and by teaching them to love unconditionally. We will make sure that they know the tremendous amount of love and courage that it took for you to make this decision.

One of the many benefits of being teachers is that we are able to have summers off to spend together. We love to go camping, play Euchre, and get together with our friends and their many children. We are avid gardeners and enjoy cooking the vegetables we grow. One of our favorite traditions is Cookie Day. Family members from both sides get together at our house, and we bake Christmas cookies to give away to friends, co-workers, service men and women, and local charities.

We share a love of music and are both music teachers.

We are lucky enough to share a love of music. Because of that, our home is very musical. Stephanie plays the flute, piccolo, violin, and steel drums. Erik is a singer who also plays the piano, guitar, marimba, and steel drums. Stephanie teaches grades 6 through 12 orchestra, and Erik teaches kindergarten through fifth grade music. We hope to one day share these passions with our child. All of our family and friends are excited about our plan to adopt, and cannot wait to welcome our child into their lives, and into their hearts.

Thank you again for taking time to get to know us. We would be honored if you felt we would be a good fit for your child. We would love to meet you so we can get to know you, and build a strong foundation for your child.

Erik and Stephanie S.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.