Meet Kevin & Stacey W.

Meet Kevin & Stacey W.

Dear Birthparent,

We are Kevin, Stacey and Caroline. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! We admire your courage and strength in making an adoption plan.

We have been together for almost thirteen years and happily married for almost eight. A few years after getting married, we decided to try to start a family. We struggled with infertility for several years, and realized that adoption was a great opportunity for us to welcome a child into our family. We were blessed to adopt our beautiful daughter Caroline in 2015. Our lives were forever changed and we realized how much love we have to share. We feel very lucky to have a strong relationship with Caroline’s birth family. It is our prayer that you have found peace and comfort knowing that you have found the right family. We will be open and honest with you and your child. We look forward to the relationship with you that an open adoption provides, and our experience with Caroline’s birth family has reinforced that in our hearts. We are committed to each other and our families, and we will take the commitment of raising another child in a loving home very seriously.

Our precious Caroline

We live in a quiet neighborhood full of children and families, and we enjoy taking walks and playing in the yard with Caroline. With Stacey’s family right around the corner, we have family members visit regularly to help with projects, grill burgers on the back patio, or just take it easy. Whether it’s doing work in the yard or having a get-together with friends and family, we find that being at home together is the greatest gift there is.

Kevin was born in Houston, Texas and moved to Ohio in high school. He graduated with a degree in human geography, and has spent most of his adult life managing different restaurants. Kevin is hardworking and the one the employees come to for help. He is respected, and treats everyone fairly. Away from work, his kind words and encouragement enable him to put children at ease. Stacey is a Life Enrichment Coordinator at a long-term care facility, specializing in Alzheimer’s/dementia care. Her smile and laugh are contagious, and she truly warms the feelings in a room whenever she is there. She always has some new way to make Caroline laugh, help her learn, or just comfort her when she needs someone.

We promise to provide a loving home, open `hearts, and to always be there for you. We would feel incredibly lucky to be considered as part of your adoption plan. Although you have a difficult decision to make, we would be honored if you would reach out to us, and hope to make you feel comfortable knowing that we will have only love for you and your child.

With love,
Kevin, Stacey and Caroline W.

The three of us

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.