Working with Adoption Profiles by Design

Adoption Link has partnered with a local design firm, Adoption Profiles By Design, to help you produce the best profiles possible — profiles that make it easy for birthparents to learn about your family. Working with a specialist frees you from much of the work involved in preparing your profile, since professional graphic designer Deb Slater takes your photos and text and prepares the layout for you.

Getting Started

Deb suggests the following: Start by spending a little time perusing the Adoption Profiles by Design website (page opens in new tab or window). Begin on the page called “Overview” in the menu. There you will see a slideshow that allows you to quickly review the templates currently offered. Scanning all the copy on that page will give you a fairly complete idea of the entire process. Then, if you see a template that appeals to you, go under “The Profiles,” where you will find links to pages devoted to each specific template; these pages have a larger view of each profile as well. After you decide which template you’d like to build your profile on, you will want to complete an order form, available under the “Order” menu. Once we receive your order, we will send you an online folder into which you will put copies all of your image files and also your text document.

Photo size. It is important to send us the largest image files that you have, preferably nothing smaller in size than 500K. (To get the highest quality reproduction of images in print, you want to stick with photos that are high-resolution — in other words, big!) Generally speaking, if you are looking at an image on your computer screen, the largest that same photo will reproduce in print is one-fourth (24% to be precise) of the size you see on-screen.

Number of photos and word count. The typical four-page profile contains between 15 and 25 photos, though we have done profiles with as few as 10 and as many as 45! Aiming for something in the neighborhood of 20 gives a good balance between quantity and size. We adapt to you, however, so do let us know your wishes. We ask that you name your images with the captions you wish to appear in your profile. Aim for a word count of between 1100 and 1400.

From first proof to printing. Our service is not like the “do-it-yourself” photo books widely available online. We do the work for you. Once we’ve received all your files, we complete a layout and then send a proof for your review. At that time, we can make any adjustments you might desire, and then send another proof. When you are satisfied with everything, and give us the go-ahead, we send the file for printing. We work with a wonderful print shop, that provides a top-quality product quickly and affordably. Your printed profiles are delivered directly to Adoption Link the same day we receive them from the printer.

Additional prints. 25 prints are included with your order, but you will see on the order form that you have the option of requesting more at $1 per additional print. We are happy to send you additional copies in the mail, if you so desire. I think it’s a good idea. We’ve had a few cases where the birthparent(s) wanted to keep a copy or two of the profile as well.

The one-page profile. We do coordinating one-page profiles, which we print in our offices on a high-quality color laser printer and then deliver to Adoption Link (usually this occurs while your four-page profile is at the printer).

The online profile. Adoption Profiles by Design will create your online profile as well, but that does not appear on the order form — just let us know if you would like that in the “Special notes or instructions for your profile” section. You can see samples of the online profile at the Adoption Link Waiting Families page. The cost for the online profile is $100. Please complete the Adoption Link Website Contract (right click to download this document), which you will send to Adoption Link.

“Looking forward to helping your dreams become reality.” – Deb Slater, Adoption Profiles by Design

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