Birthmothers’ Stories

Birthmothers describe their experience with Adoption Link

“Naomi is an angel. She helped me emotionally when I was at my lowest, and still today, 14 years later, she is here for me emotionally. You can tell she is genuine and has true compassion for me as the birth mother, the adoptive families and the beautiful babies born into our grace. I never take it for granted God putting her in my life or the choice I made to give life to not only a baby but an entire family!”

“The compassion, care and empathy Naomi gave me at my time of confusion, panic, and fear was more than I have ever received from anyone in my life. The parents to my baby are two of the most amazing people and are full of a love and passion to just live that seems fairytale. The choice that I made was not easy but was by far the best gift I could give her. Life. Not just life but an incredible life that I never would have been able to provide her. Sometimes the best way to love someone is to remove yourself from their life. Not one day goes by I don’t think about her but I know one day she will understand and be thankful for the life God has given her and her beautiful family.”

“The support from Adoption Link has never ended. I have had consistent support and contact with Naomi when I reach out for it — she instantly responds with open arms and heart. Everything happens for a reason sometimes the things we think seem so dark give light to another life (literally in this sense). I thank God for leading me to Adoption Link and even more so to the family that has my beautiful baby girl. What I chose helped two very special people start their dream family and to be able to be proud of that is nothing short of breathtaking.’
– Jennifer

“As a single mother, facing an unplanned pregnancy, most of the time I felt alone. When I contacted Adoption Link, all of that changed. The social worker from Adoption Link cared about me as well as helped me make a decision regarding my unborn child. Adoption Link has been available to me whenever I needed help. My adoption plan could not have been better, my son is with a family that loves and cares about him. They have left the doors open so that I can have contact with him. Thanks, Adoption Link!”
– Dana, age 25

“I was lucky to have found Adoption Link. The social worker responded to me immediately and together we looked through the family profiles and found a wonderful family. I have a greater peace of mind knowing that my baby is safe and happy.”
– Lakina, age 18

“I was scared to mention adoption at the hospital, but I knew that I had to start the process. I chose to work with Adoption Link and the social worker came to see me right away. She stayed with me until all my questions were answered. I met the adoptive family that I chose and am thankful for them and for adoption. I feel good about my adoption decision.”
– Tina, age 21

“I didn’t tell anyone that I was pregnant. After I had my daughter, I left the hospital the next day. I was so glad that the social worker from Adoption Link had explained everything to me. I was able to get back to my life and not worry. I know my daughter is happy. I am so glad that I chose adoption for her. The support I got from Adoption Link was awesome.”
– Jessica, age 22

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