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Meet Amanda W. & Kenton B.

Adoptive family

Dear Birth Parents,

There is so much that we want to share with you, but first know that we will dedicate our lives to raising an amazing person. We have created a warm, cheerful home and are ready for the remarkable task of raising your child.

Our promise as parents:

  • We will love your child unconditionally
  • Support them in following their dreams and passions
  • Surround them with loving family and community
  • Give them all they need to live a secure and happy life

As a Couple: When we met nine years ago our connection was immediate, we have since grown that connection into the lasting, loving marriage we have today. Throughout our time together we have learned a lot about each other; including how to best communicate and work together as a team. We share the household chores and take time to talk through the hard decisions. This has helped us to become real partners in life. Since we are both fortunate enough to have summers off we spend time together traveling, gardening, and relaxing.

As a family we look forward to:

  • Family game night
  • Trips to pumpkin and apple farms
  • Reading bedtime stories
  • Eating blackberries from our spring garden
  • Celebrating holidays with our families

Loving family

Amanda by Kenton: Amanda is the most compassionate person I know. Nurturing and kind, she truly cares for the people in her life. These traits serve her well as a preschool and kindergarten teacher at a Montessori School. It’s incredible to watch children respond to her, how easily she can encourage them to be gentle and sincere individuals who aren’t afraid to make mistakes. Many of our friends have young children and come to her for advice. Her thoughtful approach to life extends into our home through the delicious meals she serves and the care she gives to our pets. It’s like she has been preparing to be a mom her whole life!

Kenton by Amanda: I feel so lucky to have Kenton in my life. He is joyful and brings humor to even challenging situations. His creativity and perseverance make him a great problem-solver and partner. Whether making an artwork or building a closet, he is always working with his hands. Using these talents, he creates beautiful scenery as a full-time painter and set designer. In addition to his theatre work, Kenton mentors student artists. His experience, patience, and playfulness make him a great teacher. Kenton has taught me a lot as well. He has shown me how to lay hardwood floors, sculpt with clay, and push through when I want to give up. I know that he will be a steady support, patient teacher, and all around amazing father.

ready to adopt

Community: We live in a quiet neighborhood 15 minutes north of Cincinnati: offering great public services, vibrant parks and a thriving Montessori school. Both of our parents live nearby and are incredibly supportive of our decision to adopt; they cannot wait to have another grandchild to shower with love! The welcoming committee also includes great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

For years we have been preparing our home, relationship, and ourselves for the amazing responsibility of being parents. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are eager to answer any questions you may have.

With love,
Amanda and Kenton

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.