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Meet Aubrey & Eric M.

Meet Aubrey & Eric M., adoptive parents

Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you for choosing adoption and considering us as adoptive parents. We are honored you are taking this time to learn about our family. We know you are in the middle of making important, loving choices and we are so grateful you seek a devoted family to raise and nurture your child. We respect the strength and courage it takes to provide your child with love and life in the face of many unanswered questions and challenges. While we could never imagine how difficult this time must be as you consider adoption, we are praying you will have peace as you come to a decision.

We have so much we are excited to share with you about our family. To start, we want you to know our most cherished role in life is our role as parents. We strive to be the best parents we can be and dream of parenting a baby girl. As we raise two sons, we have learned how to rely on and support one another. We have always wanted to adopt “someday,” and shortly after our second son was born, we asked ourselves why we had not started the journey. We decided “someday” needed to be “next.” Our dream is for our third child, and first daughter, to enter our family through adoption.

We each grew up in Dayton suburbs – Eric in Centerville and Aubrey in Beavercreek. We both come from nurturing, tight-knit families, and our parents still live in the towns we grew up in. We met at work several years ago and it didn’t take long to hit it off, having too much fun together to be apart. After marrying, we made a couple moves around town and even to Indianapolis for a short while, landing back in Dayton where we bought our first house in Clayton, Ohio. We have two sons, Shane, who is six, and Landon, age four. We both love to explore new places around Dayton, searching for small shops, local restaurants, and hidden parks to enjoy. Clayton is rich with natural preserves and parks, which is one of our favorite features of the area. We enjoy weight lifting together at the gym and running or hiking trails with our golden retriever, Zenvo. Our perfect day is spent with our sons outdoors at a park or pool.

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Eric is a Wellness Director for a local fund. He oversees wellness programs for thousands of employees, with Kroger employees as the largest group he serves. Eric finds his work satisfying in that he helps others develop a healthier lifestyle, bettering their quality of life. Although he prioritizes exercise and loves a healthy meal, Eric is a sucker for sweets. He enjoys baking just about anything he can come up with, from cookies to coffee cake to flourless brownies, muffins, and more – all from scratch. He loves playing soccer recreationally and coaches our sons’ sports teams each season. He is extremely handy and can figure out how to fix most issues around the house. It is rare Eric doesn’t have a project he’s working on; he is sure to include the kids in what he is doing to better our home, allowing them to “drill” a nail in with their toy drill or use their hammers to finish the job.

Aubrey once cared for animals as a keeper at a small zoo, but has since upgraded her care to work-from-home mom. Her position as a Consultant Success Lead involves consulting and training for a tech company, and the hours are extremely flexible, allowing her to spend plenty of time with the family. She adores the outdoors and strives to make every day fun. In warm months, Aubrey is rarely at home, taking the kids on little adventures to the discovery gardens, parks, museums, and pools. She finds great joy in nature, and even more joy in sharing it with our children. Aubrey would rather spend her time exploring nature than shopping any day. She has a blast playing volleyball with friends and family. Her favorite way to spend time with adult loved ones is playing board games and enjoys the friendly competition of cards. When she finds time, she loves reading all kinds of books, both fiction and non. Aubrey is obsessed with Mexican food and ice cream.

Faith is a significant part of our lives. We continue learning to trust and rely on God to get through difficulties. We find contentment with what we have and are joyful knowing God is with us. We attend church weekly and have made lasting friendships as a part of a weekday evening small group. We enjoy sharing our faith with our sons and look forward to doing the same with our daughter. We feel our role as parents is to nurture and guide our children while helping them discover and become who they are intended to be. We will continue to provide a home where our children learn to have respect for themselves and others, develop an identity of their own, and are emboldened to discover their purpose.

Meet Aubrey & Eric M., ready to adopt

We hope this has served as a friendly and honest introduction to our lives. We’d love to hear more about you and your dreams for your child; we believe this is just the beginning of our conversation. If you feel we are the right fit for your adoption plan, we would love to meet you and get to know you more, always remembering you as a key part of our life going forward. We are eager to provide a loving home full of fun and opportunities for our children. We promise to raise any child we adopt with love, affection, values, faith, and enthusiasm for life. We love that you decide who receives the gift of raising your child. We know you will find the perfect match for your baby!

Thank you again for considering us in your adoption plan.
Eric and Aubrey M.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.