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Meet Aubrey & Eric M.

Meet Aubrey & Eric M., adoptive parents

To the brave woman reading this —

We wish we knew your name. We may never hear it. And that’s okay. That won’t be our decision to make; we’re just grateful you’ve provided us with the opportunity to have this moment together — strangers who may end up becoming something much more.

We don’t fully understand what you’re going through, and we never will. We don’t know how many of these letters you’ve read; this may be your first or fiftieth, but our hope is it’s what you’ve been searching for. The only certainty we have is knowing you’ll make the best decision for your precious baby girl.

Our names are Aubrey and Eric. We have two sons. As of 2020, Shane is 7 years, and Landon is 5. We haven’t adopted in the past, but knew we wanted to soon after having our oldest. After Landon came along we started considering and researching the adoption route we would take. On the day he was born, our love grew. And we know wholeheartedly the ever-increasing love we will experience for another when our youngest child, our first daughter, enters our family by adoption.

Aubrey grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio, Eric in Centerville. Both are suburbs east of Dayton. We each grew up in tight-knit families and go “home” to see our parents in those same towns. We met at a rec center, Aubrey a front desk attendant and Eric the fitness center coordinator. We were married in 2013 by a sparkling lake on a warm September afternoon surrounded by close friends and family. (Cue the cheesy music!)

After jumping around apartments in our early years of marriage, we ultimately decided to establish our family in the Northmont community, just northwest of Dayton. We moved into our first house in Clayton, Ohio in 2015. We have since moved into a our second house in the neighboring town, where we walk our sons to the elementary school down the street, and we are just a bike ride away from all of our favorite things to do in Englewood. We love our community because it has a full-of-life feel with plenty of entertainment to offer, yet maintains that small-town charm.

Eric is a Wellness Director, overseeing wellness programs to help others develop a healthier lifestyle and better their quality of life. Aubrey works from home for an innovative tech company, setting her own hours and schedule around our family’s needs.

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Enjoying the Reds together

We are an active couple, enjoying strength training together and coaching others as well as participating in outdoor sports and activities as a family. We like hiking with our dog, Zen, but also appreciate our evening snuggles with our cats, Shere Khan and Pepper Potts (silly names, we know.) We love getting together with family to play board games, solve puzzles, or simply chat for hours. Eric is obsessed with baking, and Aubrey is obsessed with eating, which works out well. A day involving time spent in nature, Mexican food, and ice cream at the local frozen custard shop is our favorite… and we make it happen often.

Our Vision for Open Adoption

Open adoption isn’t just something we would deal with — it’s something we long for! It genuinely excites us. We want our daughter to know everything she can about where she came from and who provided her with the greatest gift she was given: life, and one full of opportunity surrounded by those who love her dearly, near and far. She will know the love her birth family has for her because it will be mentioned frequently. We only hope it will be a significant part of her identity in a healthy, positive way. We look forward to creating scrapbooks, sending photos, journaling her growth and successes, and making it known through open communication in a lasting relationship.

There are so many wonderful couples out there. Our hearts are overjoyed at the thought of you ultimately finding peace of mind as the outcome of this process, whether that be to place your child with a chosen family or parent your daughter. We know the decision isn’t an easy one or one you’ll take lightly. Just know we are praying for you and we are in your corner.

Aubrey & Eric

Our Family at a Glance

We live in a suburb north of Dayton. Eric works as a wellness
director and Aubrey works in tech support. Our hobbies include hiking, working out, reading, and hosting gatherings for family and friends. We have been married since September 2013. We believe in God’s goodness, unconditional grace, and unending love for each of us.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.