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Meet Billy & Maura G.

Adoptive family

Dear BirthParent(s),

We cannot easily express everything we want to say to you. Above all, we cannot say this enough: thank you! Thank you for the strength, courage, compassion, and love that you have shown by considering an adoption plan for your child. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents. Thank you for learning a bit about us.

Maura grew up in Columbus, Ohio, with a twin sister and a younger brother. She has a large extended family that we enjoy spending time with. Her parents taught her to not take things for granted and to never lose faith. Maura has a doctorate in Physical Therapy and works at a nursing facility helping people recover after a hospitalization. She enjoys getting to know her patients and helping to improve their quality of life. Maura believes laughter is a great medicine for the soul and says it’s a great ab workout too. She’s looking forward to having more children with whom to share her love and joy.

Billy was raised in Bexley, Ohio, the middle child of five siblings. He absolutely loved being a part of a big family and there was never a dull moment in their house. In graduate school, Billy earned his middle school teaching license and today finds enormous satisfaction working as a 6th and 7th Grade Math Teacher. When he’s not in the classroom, he loves getting outside, whether to work in the yard, run, or hike. He also enjoys watching his favorite teams, from the Buckeyes to the Browns to the Blue Jackets to the Crew. He can’t wait to grow his family again through adoption!

Loving family
At an aquarium in Virginia Beach

Two-year-old Chiara is our amazing daughter who joined our family through an open adoption when she was two days old. We are still in touch with her birthmother, who is a special part of our family. Chiara is a chatterbox and very outgoing. She likes coloring, playing outside, reading books, singing and dancing, playing with our dog Sadie, and hanging out with Mommy and Daddy. She is excited to become a big sister!

We live in Hilliard, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Our 4-bedroom home has plenty of living space, a fully-fenced backyard, a covered front porch with a porch swing, and a finished basement. Our neighborhood is full of families, and your child can count on lots of hours of outdoor fun in a safe, friendly environment. We live just minutes away from parks, trails, playgrounds, and a historic downtown shopping and dining district. We are just a short drive from downtown Columbus, the Columbus Zoo, multiple museums, The Ohio State University, movie theaters, shopping centers, and leading medical centers. We searched and saved for a long time before finding our home, and we truly believe that we have found our dream: a safe, family-friendly neighborhood close to the opportunities of the big city.

Ready to adopt
We fully enjoy all the holidays. Here, brunch with Maura’s family on St. Patrick’s Day.

We love spending time together as a family and getting together with our extended family and friends. We have fun playing both inside and outdoors. We enjoy many traditions, especially for seasons and holidays, and we also look forward to creating new traditions with our growing family. We love exploring places near and far, trying new foods, cooking together (especially making pizzas!), listening to music, going to concerts, reading books, going on bike rides, and going to local sporting events.

Our Commitment to Your Child: The child(ren) we raise will know how very much they are loved by us and by you. We will strive to give your child any and all opportunities to succeed and thrive as they grow. We will help your child explore their interests, develop a healthy curiosity about the world, love life, learn about different cultures, and grow up as part of close, caring family. We will make sure your child knows you wanted the very best for them and chose us to help make that happen. If you choose to honor us by placing your child with us, know that you will always be a hero in our home.

With gratitude, love, and admiration,
Billy and Maura

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.