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Meet Brent & Jess H.

Adoptive family

Dear Expecting Parents,

As you make this difficult and emotional decision, please accept our heartfelt thanks for taking this time to learn about us. We feel God has given us more than we need, and we would like to share all we have with another child.

We are Brent, Jess, and Bethanie. We started out as high school sweethearts, and as our love grew, we knew we wanted to spend our lives together. We married in 2010.

We live in Chardon, Ohio, on our family farm, which has been in Jess’s family for seven generations. We feel blessed to live close to family and on such a beautiful plot of land.

After being homeschooled, Brent started college at 17, attending Ohio Technical College in Cleveland to become a diesel mechanic. He graduated with an associate’s degree. Today, Brent works for Dominion Energy as a Construction and Maintenance Technician.

Like Brent, Jess, who was homeschooled from sixth grade on, started college at 17, earning an associate’s degree from Lakeland Community College. While in college, she also learned how to weld. During her welding/management career, Jess took advantage of her employer’s benefit of paying for college and earned a bachelor’s degree. She’ll also complete a master’s degree in November of 2020. Today, she works for Whitcraft Group at a forging facility as a Materials Manager.

Loving family ready to adopt
Dirt bikers!

When we aren’t working, we enjoy a wide range of hobbies, including farming, motorsports (such as dirt biking, four-wheeling, and snowmobiling), hiking and backpacking, horseback riding, hunting, and spending time with family.

Jess, by Brent: Jessica is my best friend. She is a woman of many talents — a welder, a mother, a farmer, a wife, a friend, an incredible mom to our daughter, and an endless source of wisdom. She is a loving, fun, hard-working, and beautiful person.

Brent by Jess: Brent has my heart. He is a strong, hardworking, frugal, loyal, generous, and thoughtful man. He provides so well for our family and is a great handyman. He respects me, loves me unconditionally, and supports me. He’s a gentle but firm father. I know my life is better because he’s in it. We make a great team!

A good family for your child
Life is good on the farm.

Meet Bethanie: Bethanie is sweet, kind, giving, fun, silly, friendly, and loving. Her favorite hobbies include gymnastics and swimming. She loves spending time with family — mostly her Bomma and Boppy (Grandma and Grandpa). She thinks that she will make a fantastic big sister, and we do, too!!

Our Promise: If you should choose as us adoptive parents, we promise to provide your precious child with love, emotional and financial support, an excellent education, and a safe and stable home. We would open our hearts not only to your baby, but to you as well. If you wish, we desire an open and long-term relationship, which we fully believe would benefit everyone involved.

With love & respect,
Brent and Jess

Our Family at a Glance

We live in Chardon, Ohio, on our family farm. We’ve been married since 2010. Brent works as a construction and maintenance technician. Jess works as a materials manager. Our hobbies include farming, four-wheeling, hiking and backpacking, and spending time with family. We believe that God has blessed us with more than we need, so that we have much to share with another child.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.