Meet Brett & Abby R.

pre-approved adoptive family

Dear Birthparent,

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our profile. You have the opportunity to give us the greatest possible gift of our lives! We are extremely grateful you have chosen adoption, and promise to continue praying for you and your baby as the months progress.

We met each other online, and our relationship grew deeper as we got to know each other while attending the same church. Your child will attend this church with us, as we love the community formed around Jesus there, and many of our dear friends attend as well. We believe God made your baby – every little detail – and has a plan for where they will live and how the rest of their lives will go! We have been married for four years in March and we adore sharing all the aspects of life, both ordinary and exciting. We knew when we married how important children and building a family were to each of us, and we just recently learned that natural conception would be exceedingly difficult for us. This knowledge opened the door for us to the wonders presented by adoption, and ultimately led us to you and your baby!

Brett is the Department Supervisor of the Electrical Department at Home Depot. He has an associates degree and went to a trade school for electricians. Brett has two nieces that he is close with, and a calm nature that children are drawn to. Abby has a bachelors degree in English Literature and worked at one point as the Children’s Literature Supervisor at a bookstore – we both love to read, and your child will definitely grow up with lots of books! Abby has worked at preschools or daycare centers for several years, and has worked with so many different babies, she feels she will be undaunted by anything motherhood brings her way. She currently works as a substitute teacher, a wonderful occupation for having a small child, since your work is so flexible.

couple ready to adopt

Openness and honesty is crucial to a healthy life and development, and we commit to that with your child. We will always be honest about how God brought them into our lives, and speak about you in a positive way.

Abby Talks about Brett I truly fall in love with Brett over and over again! He is dedicated and hard working, and very open and free with showing his love. He can brighten up a drab day or situation, and is truly a child at heart. I can picture him now laughing and goofing off with our children, yet his even-tempered nature would make him a kind disciplinarian! I am sure he will be a great dad.

Brett Talks about Abby I’m blessed to have Abby as a wife. She is caring, she is loving, she is joyful and I always want to be by her side. Abby has worked with kids at daycares and when she was a nanny. When she was there, she loved each child and from this I know she will be a great mom. I can see Abby with our children reading to them, playing with them and loving them. Whatever child we end up with I know they will be loved by my wife.

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Our Home and Community We live in Springboro, Ohio, which is close to Dayton and about an hour from Cincinnati. We have a two-story house with four bedrooms and live in a cul-de-sac in a very nice neighborhood which is close to all the schools your child would attend. We are members of The Oaks Community Church, where we both serve (Abby helps with childcare) on Sundays. We will bring your child up learning about the Lord, as He has changed us.

Thank you so much for considering us to be the adoptive parents to your precious baby. We are immensely grateful you have made the decision to have this little one, and given us the chance to love and raise them. We hope to meet you soon!

Brett and Abby R.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.