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Meet David & Hillary S.

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Dear Birthparent(s),

Thank you for letting us share a little bit about our family with you. We are David, Hillary and Victoria. Becoming a family of three through open adoption two years ago has been the greatest blessing of our lives.

We both come from large families and grew up in Northeast Ohio. We believe family is the most important part of life. As Victoria turns two and keeps saying “baby,” we feel it is time to grow our family more through open adoption.

In our home we love and respect one another and try to show love like God does. We live in Columbus, in one of the top school districts in Ohio. We believe in working hard and spending time with family and friends. Laughter fills our home as we read silly stories, cook dinner together, and spend time outdoors.

We are an active family, and we enjoy being outside soaking up the sun, playing on the swing set, swimming in our pool, riding bikes and walking on the great trail by our home. We also enjoy family beach vacations or any vacation at all. David is a part of a large Italian family. Sunday dinners include 40-plus people! Hillary’s family is a little smaller but with all the boys in her family is seems like there are 40 people.

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David is a kind and loving person. He likes being outdoors, cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes and, most importantly, being a husband and a daddy. He is a sales manager and mostly works from home, so we get share breakfast, lunch and dinner together as a family. .

Hillary is a bubbly person who enjoys serving others. She likes reading, keeping a clean home and doing fun activities with Victoria, like going to music class, the zoo and library. She is living her dream as a stay-at-home mom. The oldest of four, she has always enjoyed caring for others.

Victoria is two and full of giggles and joy. She likes going to the zoo, which we do almost weekly, and being outside playing on the swing set or swimming in our pool. She loves reading books as we try our best to limit TV. She enjoys playing, singing and changing her baby doll’s diaper.

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Hiking in Colorado

We aspire to raise loving, happy children who get to have many adventures at home and abroad. We know that whatever they dream can become a reality with the love and support of their family. We want them to know that they are your child, our child, and most importantly, a child of God.

We are blessed for you taking the time to consider our family for your child. We thank you for this selfless decision to spread love from your family to ours. There is never too much love a child can receive, and your child will have double the love from their first breath.

With Love and Respect,
David and Hillary

Our Family at a Glance

We live in a suburb north of Columbus.
Our work: David works as a sales manager and Hillary is a stay-at-home mom.
Our hobbies include volunteering at church, swimming, taking walks, going to the zoo, and visiting with family and friends.
We believe in God and his plan to grow our family through open adoption.
We married in August 2014.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.