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Meet David & Kimberly S.

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Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about our family!  We are David and Kimberly and our son is Owen. We live near Akron, Ohio in a 4 bedroom home in a safe, quiet community. We spend as much time together as a family as we possibly can. On weekends or when school is out in the summer, we love seeking out adventures as a family. We have fun doing activities like hiking, swimming, or playing at the playground and eating a picnic lunch. We sometimes travel to discover new places but mostly enjoy exploring our community.  Some nights, you can find us having a game night at the kitchen table or curled up on the couch with popcorn watching a family movie together. Regardless of what we’re doing, we most love spending quality time together and watching our son grow up.

We respect your decision to create an adoption plan and hope that you will find peace in your choice as you seek out an adoptive family. We adopted our son Owen when he was a baby and it is our dream to parent once more. We have a good, open relationship with our son’s birth parents and siblings.  We would love to get to know you! You can call Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356 to learn more about our family.

With Love,
David & Kimberly S.

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More About David

David is an accountant for a real estate company. He works stable hours and is home every night by dinner and is home every weekend. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys cooking and watching football. His loved ones describe him as patient, funny, and loving. He helps coach Owen’s baseball team and loves making big breakfasts for his family on Saturday mornings. In her own words, the thing Kimberly loves most about her husband David is that “he is a devoted family man who goes above and beyond for Owen and myself every day!”

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More About Kimberly

Kimberly is an elementary school reading teacher. She works until 2:30 each day and is home every weekend, holiday break, and all summer long. She is laid back and enjoys exploring nature. Her loved ones describe her as kind hearted, witty, and nurturing.  She enjoys volunteering for Owen’s sports teams and loves reading him a stack of books every night before bed. In his own words, the thing David loves most about his wife Kimberly is “she has such a bubbly and outgoing personality. She’s such a great mom.”

More About Owen

Owen just turned 4 years old and enjoys playing outside on his play fort, playing monster trucks, and pretending to be Spiderman. Owen is active and enjoys participating in sports like baseball, soccer, swimming, and gymnastics. Owen says he is excited to be a big brother because he can “show the new baby his monster trucks and also hold them and love them and be their friend.”

You can contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356 with any questions. Thank you for reading our profile!