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Dustin & Lee T.

Adoptive family


Thank you for the chance to introduce ourselves to you. And thank you for your unswerving dedication to your child as demonstrated through the loving choice of adoption. The gift of life is a precious one and your selfless act of allowing your child to be raised by another is beyond comprehension. The home we have created is one of unconditional love and support, and parenting is a challenge we enthusiastically embrace and enjoy each and every day.

Meet Our Family

We are Lee and Dustin. We met and fell in love almost 16 years ago and have never looked back. We are a devoted couple who wishes to share the life, love, and blessings we have been given with children, and are very excited to have begun a family with the adoption of our son, Emory Oliver (8), and our daughter, Lottie Rose (4). We now wish to open our home and hearts to your little one. Our lives are full, and we are blessed with many caring family and friends who are fully supportive of us. We are further blessed with great health and youthfulness.

loving couple ready to adopt
A handful!

Dustin is a stay-at-home dad and serves as worship leader in our church. Dustin’s greatest passion comes to life on the stage, where he is tremendously gifted as a singer and actor. He is frequently called upon to perform at events within our community. Dustin is also a skilled artist and homemaker and has a very nurturing personality that is well served in raising our children.
Lee on Dustin: “Dustin is an exceptionally intuitive and caring person with a huge heart that knows only giving.”

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Fun at the lake house

Lee is a gifted and accomplished man, serving as a psychiatric hospitalist, professor, entrepreneur, minister, and doting “Daddy” and husband. Lee has devoted his entire career to the service of others — as a pastor and as a professional helping those in emotional pain and with mental illness. His love and compassion for people (especially children and teenagers) is boundless, as is his energy.
Dustin on Lee: “Lee’s massive intellect, combined with his giving heart, make him an ideal partner and father.”

our beautiful adopted children

Our Kids Emory Oliver is our brilliant little man. His current interests are Japan, space, and insects. Lottie Rose is a take-charge “Miss” with a whole lot of heart. She loves music, dance, and just being active.

Our Home

We live in a two-story home in a planned community that is a GREAT neighborhood for kids! We have a big fenced-in back yard, and there is a community pool and playground just a few minutes walk from our front door. We are very close to a large community park and go there often when the weather is good. Entertainment Junction is a popular destination for kids near our home which we enjoy from time to time. We love taking the children to the Cincinnati Zoo, the Newport Aquarium, Scene 75, and the Children’s Museum.

Thank You

Again, thank you so much for your time and consideration as you wrestle with this very important decision for your child. It is our prayer that this is a wonderfully amazing process for you. May you be blessed!

Sincerely yours,
Lee & Dustin

Our Family at a Glance

We live in Mason, Ohio. We work as a psychiatric hospitalist/business owner/professor and a stay-at-home dad. Our hobbies include going to the lake, working out, watching Netflix. We’ve been married since 2015 (when it became legal), but have been together since 2005. We believe that above all else unconditional love and acceptance is what every person craves, needs, and deserves.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.