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Meet Jess & Dave B.

Adoptive family


Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We’re grateful for the chance to expand our family, and we’re ready to share the love of our family with your child. We hope that learning more about us will assure you that ours is a loving, nurturing home.

Dave owns a tax office and also works as a financial advisor. It gives him the chance to help people every day, something he takes a lot of joy in. It also allows for a more flexible schedule and time off for family fun. As our son John says, he’s a “giant nerd.” Dave also enjoys gaming, hiking, drumming, and helping coach John’s football team.

Loving family
We love to travel together.

Jess works during tax season with Dave, and works year round as resident Mom. It’s always been her dream to be a stay at home Mom, and she’s thrilled at the chance to add to the family. Among her pastimes are gardening, nature, art, singing, and cheering wildly for John at all of his sporting events. She loves doing active things with John like skiing, snowboarding, and running 5Ks.

John is our 10 year old son who came to our family through adoption. He plays football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and more, and cannot wait to be a big brother. John also enjoys history, science, games with friends, time spent with his best friend, Memaw, and delights in almost every animal he sees.

Rounding out our family is our rescue dog Pepper and our two cats, Inara and Peter. Jess’ mom, Sandy, lives in an apartment on our property, so she’s always a part of our adventures. We love to travel together, and look forward to getting back to doing so once it’s safe again.

Ready to adopt
We laugh a lot and know how to have fun.

We live in an old farmhouse that sits on 16 beautiful acres. We enjoy playing in the creek that runs behind our house, hiking the trails we have created, and having friends over to sit around campfires and swim in our pool. We spend time gardening, planting flowers, fruit, and veggies.

We love going on adventures, whether it is an “adventure day” where we drive around town, mini weekend trips, or out of town vacations. We LOVE to travel. We are an active family and like spending time outside. We enjoy seeing musicals, concerts, and sporting events and going to festivals. We have season tickets to the Cinci Zoo, Dayton Dragons Baseball, Kings Island, and the Cinci Broadway Series. We laugh a lot and know how to have fun.

Why we want to adopt: Our adoption will be the continuation of this awesome adventure of life. When we found out we couldn’t make our family complete the traditional way, we turned to adoption. We can’t wait to add to the family, and we are incredibly grateful to you for helping that dream come to life.

Loving family, ready to adopt
We enjoy seeing musicals, concerts, and sporting events and going to festivals.

To the child: We can’t wait to meet you! We are so excited to share our world and adventures with you. We will let you be who you are, with no judgement, and give you a loving and safe home where you can grow, flourish, and have fun. Your big brother can’t wait to meet you and he will be the best friend you’ll ever know. Above all, we promise that you will be loved.

We promise to raise our child with love, understanding, motivation, and support. We will encourage our child to follow their strengths and passions, to learn, and to be the best version of themselves they can be. We will honor your involvement in open adoption if you wish, and our child will always know that you love them every bit as much as we do.

With Love,
Jess, Dave & John

Our Family At a Glance

We live in the Dayton, Ohio area.
We’ve been married since October 2001.
We work as a business owner, working in financial planning and taxes and a stay-at-home mom.
Our hobbies include traveling, theatre, hiking, and sporting events.
We believe that a loving home is the most important thing, and that starts by being accepting and supportive of each other’s differences.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.