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Meet Josh & Brittany R.

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We are Josh and Brittany, and we’re so thankful you are taking time to get to know us!

We met in college during a freshman speech class (although Brittany doesn’t seem to remember Josh was the friendly guy that apparently sat right behind her!). With help from matchmaking friends, we began dating a couple years later. After graduating in 2013, we moved to Columbus so Josh could join the staff of a new church plant in Bexley, Ohio. We were married a year later, and have enjoyed six very full years of marriage! After four years of marriage, our infertility problems resulted in a miscarriage and a decision not to pursue fertility treatments. Then, in 2018 we joyfully adopted our son Judah!

We are so thankful for the gift that adoption has already been to our family! We long for a full house, hoping to provide our children with the same loving environment we were both raised in.

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Judah is such a joy to us, and we are thrilled to add another sweet little one to our family once again through the miracle of adoption.

We just love spending time together. Forts in the family room, hide and seek, and family dinners are all part of the regular rhythm of our life together. You will often find friends joining us, as we enjoy sharing our home with others.

We are very involved in our local church; Josh is a pastor in training and has the opportunity to teach frequently, and Brittany leads the children’s ministry.

Josh is the oldest of three, with two younger sisters and four step-siblings. His entire family lives in Illinois, and enjoys spending summers on the boat at the lake. Josh has a bachelor’s degree in theological studies and a Masters of Divinity. He currently works as a sales specialist for Acceptd, a college application software company for the performing and visual arts. Josh is making plans to pastor a new church that he and a team will start in Columbus in the near future, which is what he has been diligently working towards since moving to Ohio!

Brittany is also the oldest of three, with a younger sister and brother. Her parents just recently moved back to Columbus (they’re excited to babysit!). She has a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, but has thoroughly enjoyed her job as a stay-at-home mom since Judah was born. She enjoys baking (and eating!) sweet treats, spending time with friends, and a good cup of coffee. Brittany loves hosting, and is happiest when her home is full.

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Judah is a happy, busy boy. He loves music, and gets so excited when Josh plays guitar for him. He loves trucks, dirt, and visits to the zoo. Judah is such a joy to us, and we are thrilled to add another sweet little one to our family once again through the miracle of adoption.

We are grateful for your time and would gladly welcome the opportunity to get to know you in return.

Josh and Brittany

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.