Meet Kelley K.

Adoptive mother.

Hello, Expectant Parents.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I am hopeful that you have many wonderful options for adoptive parents, and I am honored you are considering me among them. May you find comfort as you work through this decision.

I’m Kelley. I live in a small town outside of Columbus and work at a large financial institution. I am ready and excited to become a first-time mother through an open adoption. I appreciate that you are willing to meet me where I am: a single woman who very much wants to parent. I am surrounded by a wonderful network of family and friends who already have your child’s back.

My Time at Work. For the last five years, I have worked with a global financial institution, and, because I have a lot of autonomy and the opportunity to be creative, I get a lot of personal satisfaction from my work.

When I knew I was ready to parent, emotionally and financially, I accepted a role that allows me to work from home full-time and have a flexible work schedule. I have daydreams about baby-wearing at home during conference calls and being only a few steps away during these monumental early stages of childhood development. I have also already started to plan financially for my child’s education.

adoptive mom
Meeting with co-workers in Japan

My Personal Time. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading poetry and fiction… although right now I spend a lot of time reading about parenting! I spend as much time as I can at live music events. I am not musically inclined, but I bought a piano last year and am slowly recalling my childhood lessons. My spiritual practice includes daily meditation and intentional gratitude. I just bought my first house and am learning a lot about DIY home projects. Finally, travel is important to me. I am ALL IN when it comes to new travel opportunities. I’m looking forward to getting baby’s first passport!

will love your child
The sisters.

My Lovely Ladies. I met my gorgeous, ten-year-old sisters at a local cat café in Columbus. It was love at first sight! They enjoy watching wildlife safely through a window and finding new, luxurious places to lounge. Their shenanigans bring me a lot of joy.

My Home. Last year, I had the opportunity to buy a house in my hometown. It is still a small town, and we are within walking distance of most of the major services in the community, including our public schools, library, and local businesses. I chose to relocate here partly because the culture is centered on education, music, art, and community. It has a great liberal arts university, and our public school system consistently achieves top ratings across the State in academic excellence.

ready to adopt
I am so happy I bought a house in my hometown.

More importantly, I chose this location because I wanted to deepen my support system prior to starting a family. My parents still live in the home where I was raised, 15 minutes away, and both of my grandmothers are here. I am very close to my family. They are my biggest allies in this process, and are beside themselves with excitement!

Thank You! I know you want the very best for your child. Please know that I am entering this process from the same space. My offer to your child is endless love and a safe place to experience this amazing world. I am open to defining a relationship with you that meets your needs. We will celebrate and honor you in our home, and your child will always know how important you are to us. I look forward to learning more about you, and hope to have the opportunity to share more about me.

All the best to you,

For more information about me, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.