Meet Kyle & Abby

Adoptive family.

Dear Birthmother,

We are Kyle and Abby. We have been together for over seven years and recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to learn more about our family. We feel the greatest respect, love, and admiration for you as someone who wants what is best for their child. Should you choose us to raise your child, we would have endless gratitude.

We feel we have a lot to offer to a birthparent who is not ready to parent, because we are in just the right place for that. We both come from strong and loving families and that is what reflects how we parent. We have established a loving and supportive home for children to grow up in. We consider parenting our greatest blessing. We have much to give to more children — love, guidance, acceptance. Your child’s best interest will always be at heart.

About Abby, in her own words: I went to college for nursing and am employed as a Registered Nurse. I currently work part-time doing pre- and post-op surgical care. The work is great, and I enjoy a flexible schedule, working 2-3 days a week, with weekends and evenings free. This makes me available to my family a majority of the time and allows me to be at home with Hadley and our future children most days of the week. In our house, we are pretty into reading, especially Hadley and I. I also like to cook (I make up my own recipes) and do arts and crafts. Playing with Hadley is a true joy, and right now I am teaching her colors, the ABCs, and shapes. We love to spend time just playing!

About Kyle, in his own words: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering technology. I’ve worked as senior engineer for great local company ever since college, about eight years now. I grew up learning how to fix anything and everything, from vehicles to electronics. I love a challenge. Of course, I love spending time with my daughter, and you’ll often find us out in garage tinkering. She’s always by my side, and I bought her some play tools so she can join in.

Meet Hadley: Hadley is an energetic, playful, at times bashful, 3-year-old. She can be found playing doll babies, reading books, and playing with her hobby horse. She loves anything outside and has a real pony at Kyle’s parents house. Hadley regularly asks when she will have a new baby sister or brother — she is excited about the potential new role of big sister!

We love all things outdoors — we camp once or twice a month and also enjoy hiking, biking, walking, and gardening. Our property is adjacent to Kyle’s family’s horse farm, where there is tons of space for running around and playing and riding horses. Abby’s family is also close by. Both sets of grandparents are very involved in our daughter’s life, and everyone is excited about our adoption plans.

Parenting is a blessing.

Our home is in Celina, which was recently named one of the “top 100 towns in the USA.” There are lots of parks nearby, a great library with kids activities and story hour, bike paths, a large swimming pool, and a lake. Our home — a four-bedroom ranch that Kyle built with his own hands! — is on almost two acres of wooded land, with a fishing pond, a big hill for wintertime sledding, and a large swingset also built by Kyle. We have a little dachshund named Carmen, who is gentle and loves kids. She’s great with our daughter, and even allows Hadley to push her around in a stroller!

We enjoy going on family trips, sometimes on our own, sometimes with extended family. We have been to the beach, the mountains, several lakes, and Animal Kingdom at Disney. Every year and a half or so we go to Abby’s parents’ condo in Sarasota, Florida. We enjoy a long camping weekend with Kyle’s family almost every spring/summer, and every other summer Abby’s parents rent a big vacation house for the whole family. We love to share new experiences together. We especially love spending time together during holidays, which are a pretty big deal in our family.

We are choosing open adoption because we know it is the best for everyone involved, for you and for us, but especially for your child. We would like you to be as open as you are comfortable with. We want our child to know that they are our child, but to also know who their biological family is. This will be a natural part of our child’s life — that a “different mommy made you for our family.” Your child will know that both families, birth and adopted, love them unconditionally.

With love,
Kyle and Abby G.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.