Meet Marcus and Alicia G.

Adoptive family

Dear Birthparents,

Our names are Marcus and Alicia. We have been married almost three years now. We are very appreciative that you are taking the time to get to know us. We are excited and passionate about becoming parents. We have a tremendous amount of respect for you and the decision you have to make. If you choose us to raise your child we will forever be grateful.

We grew up together in a small town community. It took till high school for us to actually talk to one another and then begin dating. Little did we know that would be the last person we would ever date. We have been together almost nine years. We have ventured through college, buying our first house, first jobs, and taking on marriage together.

pre-approved to adopt

As a couple we enjoy going to different restaurants, hanging out with friends or family, vacations, and even just having a quite night in. In the last couple of years, we have really valued family time and being together. We also have a German shepherd named Colt. He adores anyone that will give him attention. We have amazing family and friends that we get together with often. We also take family vacations yearly with both sides of the families. Alicia’s side has six nieces and nephews that we have a blast playing with. We both come from big loving families. Both our families are extremely supportive of our plan to adopt.

Meet Alicia: I have always wanted children and grew up “playing house” majority of my childhood, as my mother babysat multiple children throughout my childhood. After high school I went away to college to study nursing. I have worked in an emergency room for the past four years as a nurse. I absolutely love my job and being able to help others. I work three days a week and have a very flexible job, which will allow me to spend a lot of time with our children. I enjoy going for runs and reading in my spare time. I have an outgoing personality. I am described as considerate, compassionate, and full of energy. I am the youngest of five children. I have an older sister and three older brothers. Needless to say, growing up was an adventure in itself. We grew up in a structured loving home. My parents continue to live in the same house they raised all us kids in. My sister is married with two children that were both adopted. My oldest brother is married with three children. The middle child is single. My third brother is also married with one child. All but my third brother live within five minutes of my parent’s house. We get together every Sunday to catch up on each other’s lives and for the cousins to play together.

ready to adopt

Meet Marcus: I grew up working on a farm. I attended college for a couple years and then moved back to our small town. I work as a supervisor at a company that processes metal. I enjoy watching football, woodworking, and learning languages. I am more reserved than Alicia. I am described as hard working, ambitious, and a jokester. I grew up the oldest of four children. My parents raised us on their farm, which they still reside at. I have a younger brother that recently got married. My second brother is attending college at this time for engineering. My younger sister is also attending college to become a teacher. She currently works at a local daycare center and plans to help out with childcare once we become parents.

Our home: Our home is within a small close knit community. Our backyard opens up to our entire block’s backyards. Our neighbors are close and willing to help one another. A lot of our neighbors have young children that our child would be able to play and grow up with. We live two blocks away from two different parks in our town. The school system our child would attend is within walking distance from our home. We have a church right next to the school that we attend. The values and dedication our community gives to the school sports and education is astonishing.

Why Adoption? We have talked about adoption since we first started thinking about having children. Our plan was to have some biological children and then to adopt more. We want our children to have many siblings to enjoy growing up with, like we both had. After not being able to get pregnant, we decided adoption was the next step. We are so excited to expand our family. We have so much love and support to give a child. We hope to raise our children with the foundation to be successful and happy in their life.

Thank you! We cannot express how much we appreciate your willingness to put your child first. We cannot imagine what this decision would be like for you, but hope to help support you through it. We want to be open and honest to our child about adoption and how their story began.

Marcus and Alicia

For more information about us, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.