Meet Matt & Risa G.

Adoptive family.

Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for considering an adoption plan for you and your child, and thank you for considering us in that plan. We pray that you are supported, loved and treated kindly. Although there may be uncertainties ahead, we can assure you that any child who comes into our home will be loved unconditionally.

We are Matt & Risa. Matt grew up in Fairfield Township, Ohio, the second of four siblings. His parents are still married. Risa grew up in West Chester, Ohio, the youngest of three siblings, and her parents are also still married. We both had fantastic childhoods with many traditions, games, vacations and celebrations.

Ready to adopt.

Shortly after starting college, we met, dated for a few months, and fell madly in love. We had a simple but elegant outdoor wedding nearly 15 years ago! Today, we enjoy a stable and strong relationship. We make each other laugh, and we love spending time together.

Early in our relationship we discussed our desire to have many children. When we started having trouble conceiving, we realized that the universe probably had a different plan for us. We thought back over our lives and realized that we had both considered adoption as a possibility.

Risa is a pharmacist and works part time — the perfect situation for a mother. She makes a good living while typically working only twenty-four hours a week. Matt is a quality control supervisor at a small, family-owned machine shop with consistent hours and with nights and weekends off. Although we are financially stable, Risa plans to continue working part time but will be able to care for the child herself with assistance when needed from relatives or other professionals.

We have a large, loving extended family and spend a lot of time with them. Our child will not just have a loving mommy and daddy, but also grand­parents, many aunts, uncles and cousins. Everyone is excited about adding the next baby to the family!

Ready to adopt.Other than our family, music is the most important thing to us and will be a part of our child’s life. We have a piano, a drum set and several guitars. When children visit our home, they love to play on the instruments.

In addition to his work and to music, Matt has expertise in many hobbies — our child will always have fun things to do with his/her daddy. Matt has been involved with fly fishing, hang gliding, glassblowing, meditation, yoga, mushroom hunting, Tesla coils, skateboarding, and app programing.

Matt is amazing with all kids. He is the favorite with all the nieces and nephews and is a surrogate dad to many neighborhood children. Risa has a warm and gentle soul that lights up the room. She has more love in her heart than she knows what to do with and in return is loved deeply by her friends and family. Both Matt and Risa are intelligent, introspective, and genuine.

We live in a suburb with pocket parks within walking distance, a golf course with beautiful walking paths, tennis courts and a swimming pool. The local school district is very highly rated. We are close to the Kings Island amusement park, the Cincinnati Zoo, and other attractions we visit regularly. We have four cats who provide much enjoyment.

Our child will be allowed to make mistakes as we believe that it is most important when you fall in life that you get back up. He/she will be allowed to express his/her feelings and opinions. Most importantly, love will always be at the center of our home as it is now.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Matt & Risa G.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.