Meet Michael & Katie O.-K.

Adoptive family

Dear Birthparent,

We are honored that you’re taking the time to learn about our family, and we appreciate you considering us as potential adoptive parents. If you choose us, we promise to raise your child with all the love and support we have. From the moment we started talking about having children, we knew adoption was the right choice for us, and we cannot wait to be parents!

We are Michael and Katie. We met while in school at The Ohio State University in 2008 and were married in 2013. Our home is a happy one, filled with family and friends, our dogs (Jackson and Zoya), the sound of music, and the smell of home-cooked meals. We can’t wait to share it with your – and our – child.

Michael is a musician at heart (he plays both mandolin and guitar) and an engineering technician by trade. When he was younger, Michael was a camp counselor at a summer camp. Today at work, he uses the same skills he developed there, and is known for his patience and his natural ability to teach others. At home, he enjoys cooking and reading, and our home is full of books of all kinds, including favorites from both of our childhoods.

Katie is a consultant and is passionate about her career, especially developing younger employees and watching them grow professionally and personally. Her current employment offers work-from-home arrangements and places a high priority on family. Outside of work, Katie enjoys traveling, cooking, and reading. She is the oldest of three siblings who are very close. Katie spent many hours babysitting. Her younger sister Colleen says that’s what motivated her to become a professional nanny.

Jackson and Zoya are our two adorable rescue dogs. Jackson, a black lab, and Zoya, a sheltie, have very different personalities but get along great, and are very good with children.

We live in Columbus, close to The Ohio State University. We’re both big Buckeye fans and spend weekends in the fall watching the Buckeyes with family and friends. Our neighborhood is filled with young families and opportunities for learning and fun. We live right across the street from a great public library and recreation center, as well as the Park of Roses, which has green space, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and trails. On the weekends, we love eating at local restaur-ants and visiting local shops and farmers’ markets. Our home is a classic bungalow with a finished basement that we can’t wait to fill with toys and, when our child is older, use for sleepovers with friends.

Adoptive family
We love traveling and exploring new cultures

Traveling is our favorite hobby. We love taking road trips and flying to all kinds of destinations: Paris, London, Chicago, Ireland… Charlotte, North Carolina to visit family… the ocean at least once a year. A recent favorite was Asheville, North Carolina. We both love music and have traveled to Detroit, New Jersey, Cincinnati, and Toronto for concerts. We were lucky enough to live in Manhattan for a while. We can’t wait to share our love of exploring and experiencing different cultures with our child.

Family is our highest priority, and our home is the primary gathering spot for all our relatives. We host Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day, with family dinners and birthday celebrations in between. Katie’s sister Colleen is amazing with children and lives with us because, as a professional nanny, we are planning on having her care for our child after Katie’s four months of paid parental leave ends.

Adoptive family
Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

We aspire to raise a child who is loving, happy, and confident. We plan to share the best parts of life with them including adventures at home and abroad. We want them to feel secure pursuing their passions and to know they will always have a safe place to call home. Our child will know they are your child and ours and that they are loved more because of that.

With love and respect,
Michael & Katie

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.