Meet Nathan & Stacey

Adoptive family.

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents for your child. We have the highest respect for you and your decision. As parents, we promise to love our child unconditionally. We promise to teach him or her acceptance, tolerance and respect for all people. We promise to maintain your family history so that the child will always know where they came from. We appreciate you reading our profile and considering us to adopt your baby.

We are both in our late thirties and have been married three years. Stacey has taught middle school for the last 15 years. Nathan builds medical equipment and will finish his computer engineering degree next year. We will be able to be stay-at-home parents for the first six months after we adopt, and our jobs allow us flexibility to be hands-on parents thereafter.

We began trying for a family immediately after our wedding, but found out that Stacey was not able to have children of her own. Adoption felt like the most loving and natural decision we could make. We can’t wait to make our family of two, a family of three!

loving adoptive couple

We have always described ourselves as a “team.” Stacey has the grit that gets them across the finish line while Nathan keeps her laughing to help them forget the challenges. He is spontaneous whereas she is a planner.  She organizes the adventures; he makes them interesting!

When we met, we immediately bonded over a shared love of trying new things and seeing new places. Travel is our passion and our favorite destination is Germany. This summer we went to Iceland and tried snorkeling, snowmobiling and kayaking.  We can’t wait to see our child play in the ocean waves and discover the beauty of European castles.

We spend a lot of our time outdoors being active. Nathan plays volleyball, kickball, and softball, and he’s looking forward to coaching little league Though it may sound like we are always on the go, our favorite Friday night is cooking a big meal together and watching TV with our kittens on our laps.

full of love and ready to adopt.

We say that we live in the best of both worlds – just outside of downtown Cincinnati but on a tree-lined suburban street. Our home will include a nursery, a playroom, a deck and a backyard. A ballpark, playground and elementary school are just across the street.  The two largest city parks are within walking distance and so are Stacey’s parents! Every imaginable kid-friendly entertainment and cultural opportunity is at our fingertips.  We can’t wait to show the city we love to our child!

Not only will your child have parents who cherish and adore them, they will have doting grandparents, an aunt and uncle, and a community of friends who will help teach them the importance of family. Stacey’s mom most looks forward to reading to her grandchild. Stacey’s dad can’t wait to take his grandchild to the Dude Ranch where he took Stacey as a kid. Stacey’s sister will always be there to listen if our child has a problem, and her husband will be our child’s soccer coach. We can’t wait for our families to travel together.

Nathan grew up an only child because his parents had fertility issues as well. His dad always supported Nathan’s passions, especially for baseball. Nathan’s mom became the mom of every kid in the neighborhood. She looks forward to making Christmas cookies with her grandchild.

Our friends are our second family. They have supported us through all the hard times — whether it’s trying to finish a marathon or trying to have a family. Each year we host a Friendsgiving for 50 people to celebrate how lucky we are to have them in our lives. They will be the best “aunts and uncles” our child could have.

Thank you.
Nathan F. & Stacey L.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.