Meet Shelley & Jason C.

Adoptive family


Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about us. We understand that this cannot be an easy time for you and we wish you comfort and peace as you make important decisions for you and your child.

It is our hearts’ desire to be parents! We both grew up with amazingly supportive families and we are fully dedicated to supporting all of a child’s needs and being the best parents we can be.

We met in 2006 through an online dating service. Some of the things that drew us to each other were our passion for the outdoors and our love of music and the arts. As a couple, we enjoy hiking with our dogs, listening to live music, watching movies, and eating out with our friends.

Jason, by Shelley One of the first things I noticed about Jason is how wonderful he is with kids! I saw this in the love and care he shares with his nephew, taking him to a children’s astronomy program (stopping at a burger place before the class) and teaching him how to fix and restore classic cars. Other things I respect and admire about Jason are his kindheartedness, patience, dedication to others, and his wealth of knowledge. He works as a mechanical engineer and has an ability to fix just about anything. Jason is also an extremely supportive husband who helps out with everything from the practical, like cleaning, to the emotional, like lending a shoulder to cry on. Jason is a knowledge seeker. He enjoys watching the history channel, playing trivia games, and learning about other cultures when we travel. Jason also has an artistic side that shows in his appreciation for the styling of classic cars, his beautiful singing voice, his dance skills, and his interest in arts and culture.

ready to adopt
Snowshoeing in a winter wonderland

Shelley, by Jason One of the first things I noticed about Shelley was her sense of adventure and love of nature and camping. (She once biked across America over a summer!) She is also a great piano player and taught piano to children for several years. I admire Shelley’s kindness and deep concern for others, her love of animals and nature, and her determination. Her concern for others is what prompted her to become a child psychologist, work she currently pursues part-time. Shelley is an extremely supportive wife and is great at helping me to live more in the moment. She enjoys hiking, bike riding, gardening, and being one with nature whenever possible. She also shares with me an interest in arts and culture and loves to spoil our three rescue dogs.

Our Families Jason’s parents often host family get-togethers with his two sisters and their families, including our two nephews and three nieces. Together, we enjoy cookouts, board games, watching movies, swimming, and other kid-focused activities. We also enjoy getting together with Shelley’s parents, her brother, and his girlfriend to celebrate holidays and birthdays. There are always delicious home-cooked meals and lots of funny stories to be shared!

Our Home/Community Our home is on a quiet cul-de-sac with lots of kids and families nearby. We have a large back yard to play in and enjoy campfires, stargazing, and s’mores. We live in a diverse suburban neighborhood near several parks, a community pool, and an excellent school system.

loving adoptive family
Ollie joins the family

Our Pets Our three rescue dogs, Dewey, Ollie, and Rocco, are very special to us. We treasure every day with our dogs by taking them for walks in the park, snuggling, and giving them lots of treats!

Religion We were both raised Catholic, but we are open to all faith practices. We think it is important for a child to have a religious foundation. We find spiritual connection by going to church, and by spending time in nature.

During the adoption process, we hope to have the opportunity to get to know you. We think it is important for a child who is adopted to know where they came from, so we plan to share a child’s adoption story from the very beginning. With your blessing, we will send pictures and plan visits.

We would be honored to have you consider us as an adoptive family and are happy to answer any questions you have about us.

Shelley and Jason

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.