Meet Terence & Heather S.

Adoptive family.

Dear Birth Parent(s),

We appreciate the effort you are making to select a loving family for your baby. It’s a very important and courageous decision. We hope that you can get to know us a little through this letter.

We met when we were both living in New York City in 2011 and started dating. Some of our favorite “dates” were babysitting the children of our friends and to this day we still joke about some of the funny things they said and did.

The best decision we ever made was to get married in 2015. We both love kids and had hoped to have children right away but, as so often happens in life, things did not turn out as we had anticipated. We tried several medical/fertility treatments but were unsuccessful. This was very hard for us but we trusted that God would open other doors. Even before fertility treatments, we had discussed how wonderful it would be to someday adopt a baby. We decided to move to Ohio where we could have a home with trees and a yard and hoped to grow our family through adoption.

Ready to adopt

Terence is a financial analyst for a bank in Columbus and Heather teaches dance for kids. We’re actively involved with our church and we teach youth Sunday School. We love going to arts festivals and sporting events, playing games and cooking together. During the holidays we often travel to be with our extended family.

About Heather I grew up in Utah as the oldest of five kids. I have three sisters and one brother. We’re spread out in Ohio, Utah and Texas but we all keep in touch by phone and Skype. As kids we loved nothing more than running around and making up new games to play. We loved camping out in the backyard and looking up at the stars.

I have always loved to dance! That was a passion that lead me to college and a career in performing and teaching. I met Terence soon after I moved to New York and we soon fell in love. I taught dance at an elementary school for 5 years and got to see the kids learn and grow up. I loved my students and it was a dream job!

When we moved to Columbus, I started a little dance class for preschoolers and began substitute teaching in schools. The thing I always wanted most, however, was to be a mom. When we do have a child in our family, I will stop working and stay home to care for our new little one.

Want to adopt

About Terence I grew up in Guyana, a small country in South America close to the equator. We lived in a rural area with lots of coconut and tropical fruit trees, perfect for climbing. I have one sister and lots of cousins who lived nearby! We moved to New York City when I was a teenager where I went to college and graduate school in accounting and operations research.

I moved away for a while but eventually returned to New York City. I had only been back a few months when I met a wonderful woman named Heather. We wanted to be together every chance we could after that and I soon fell head over heels for her. She didn’t know much about sports so I introduced her to the wonders of soccer, basketball and tennis. Now she gets into the games just as much as I do! She has also been teaching me to dance which used to be completely out of my comfort zone, but I enjoy it as long as it’s with her and not too many people are watching! We also enjoy trying to solve a good “whodunit” mystery movie.

We love camping and hiking and learning about animals. We can’t wait to introduce our own child to the amazing world we live in.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. If you feel that we are the right family for your baby we would love to meet you!

Terence and Heather S.

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.