Meet Tom & Jayna S.

Meet Tom & Jayna S.

Hello! We are excited to begin the journey of starting a family together through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, as you make a life plan for your child. We admire you for selflessly choosing adoption.

We were set up by mutual friends in 2006 and then became married in 2008. We had a beautiful outdoor wedding in the country. For more than 7 years we tried to conceive a child together, but due to infertility challenges we were never able to have a child. As time went on we agreed that having a family was more important than conceiving our own biological child. We then opened our hearts to the idea of adoption. We first hoped to adopt through our local foster care program.

A newborn baby was placed in our home and stayed with us for a year and half. We fell in love with her from the moment we laid eyes on her. She has now been reunited with her birthparents, and we are working towards keeping a relationship with her and her parents. She will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Meet Tom & Jayna S.

Jayna has always loved children and wanted to become a mother. She comes from a large family, and was born and raised in Ohio. Jayna has been a preschool teacher for more than 14 years, but is currently working with kindergarteners. She loves teaching and working with children each day.

Becoming a father is the most important life goal for Tom. He was born in Ohio, but raised in Indiana. After our family is complete, Tom would like for us to move back to the country to raise our children. Tom works as a train engineer and has worked for his company for twelve plus years.

We enjoy the small things in life. We both love nature, and enjoy going on walks, hiking and canoeing. We also love watching movies, reading, making improvements to our house, and just relaxing together. We have a great time going on vacations where we can go hiking on trails. Our vacation goal is to travel to Yellowstone National Park.

Our families are very important to us. Jayna is one of six children, and all of her family lives close to each other. Tom’s family is more spread out and lives in different states. We love our families very much and deeply want to start a family of our own together. We want you to know that your child will be loved by us and our families.

Please know that your child will be loved and supported for the rest of their life. We will cherish each day with them and help them to have positive life experiences.

Tom & Jayna