Meet Zach & Ashley G.

Zach & Ashley G.

Dear Birthparents,

We are Zach and Ashley Grice, and we would love to meet with you as you make an adoption plan for your baby. We met online and got married in June 2012. Our son, Caleb, was born in May of 2015. We would love to provide him with siblings!

Zach & Ashley G.

Zach is a computer systems engineer and Ashley is a stay-at-home mom. We are very involved with our church and enjoy hosting social events at our home. We live in southwest Ohio in a renovated farmhouse with a large yard and creek. Caleb is an absolute joy to watch as he grows up, and he loves playing outside and chasing our two cats around. Our zoo pass allows us to take him to see the animals all year, and we sometimes explore different parts of town. We also enjoy farmer’s markets, going to the park, visiting the library, and play dates with our friends and their small children. Caleb is at an age when he is constantly learning new things and developing his personality into a loving, spirited little boy. We can’t wait to see what his interests will be. So far he likes being read to, anything related to being outside and playing with water. Ashley likes making new recipes, and Caleb loves trying new food. Our families live close enough for us to visit frequently and for them to dote on Caleb. Ashley has a sister, and Zach has two sisters. Our entire extended families are very eager to welcome another child into the family through adoption.

Zach & Ashley G.

We know that you may not have envisioned this path for yourself, but we would love to walk alongside you as you decide on an adoption plan for your child. We have hoped to expand our family through adoption since before we were married. Our family has a lot of love to give, and we look forward to letting another child experience that. We will be very involved in our kids’ education, whether they attend public school or homeschool. Our ultimate hope for our children is that they grow up to be independent, generous, Christ-centered adults. We have been praying for you as you go through a time of challenging decisions. We have the greatest respect for you for carrying this child to term, and we wish you all the best as you make your decision.

Zach, Ashley, and Caleb Grice

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.