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Meet Zach & Laura L.

Adoptive family

Dear Birthparents,

We want to start by saying thank you for considering us; we are honored that you are! We want to be adoptive parents who raise a child to feel strong, independent, and completely loved. We are excited about the prospect of openness and will share honestly about the adoption process; we’ve explored adoption for years now, and believe it is a beautiful opportunity. We’re so grateful for your courageous consideration of adoption, and we applaud your thoughtful path through this sometimes tough decision.

We are Zach and Laura , and we are so excited to see our little family grow. We love our town of Hamilton, Ohio, but both of us also have strong ties to family in North Carolina, where we love the mountains and beaches. Hamilton has grown in the past few years, and we love the excitement of summer concerts by the river, lots of beautiful parks full of new playgrounds, and the friends we’ve made over the years here.

ready to adopt
Exploring Chichen Itza in Mexico

Laura first moved to Ohio to study a Master’s degree in English at Miami University, and she now works as a writer and editor for various magazines in the area. Zach is a development engineer and helps manufacturers develop better products through computer simulations and automations. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from North Carolina State University. We both love to travel: before they got married, Laura lived in Spain for two years as an English teacher, and Zach traveled around the United States for a year as an Americorps volunteer, helping communities rebuild after natural disasters.

Daily life is full of fun and friendships for us. We love making visits to see our family, including our little nephew who is just getting the hang of walking. We also cook together, go for hikes, visit museums, participate in charity 5K races, and hold backyard cookouts. When we travel, we like to get into nature, try a new restaurant or two, and catch up with old friends

We also love growing a big vegetable garden in the backyard to keep plenty of squash and tomatoes handy for summer cooking. We have one pet, a crested gecko named Little Bit; he mostly lives in his cage and eats pureed fruit, but he can be held and we love how he’ll hide in our hands or climb up onto our shoulders.

we will love your child
Reading and crocheting during the winter months

We are members of New Life Vineyard Church; we’ve loved how much the people there care for each other when someone falls on hard times in our community. We feel so loved by the 8 or so people in our twice-monthly Bible study group. Our Bible Study group was so excited to hear that we were hoping to adopt a child; raising our child in a supportive church community is a big part of our parenting plan.

Our family is so excited to welcome another child into our midst; though most of them live in North Carolina, Laura’s sister, aunt, and uncle live close by and are excited to be a part of our family life. We are so glad to have many wonderful role models of good parenting in our lives, as we hope to become great parents as well.

Laura and Zach

For more information about our family, please contact Adoption Link at 1-800-643-3356.